Underwater Photography Workshop at the Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat in Fiji

The Rainbow Reef in Fiji is in the heart of the soft coral capital of the world. Vibrant with life, schooling fish, and shades of red, purple, and yellow, it is a remarkable place unlike any other.

This workshop will take place at the Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat where you’ll learn how to compose photos on a relaxing beach before we go diving. Then we’ll create images along the colorful reefs in the crystal clear water. In this workshop you’ll receive personal instruction and learn how to:

  • Use natural coral formations to create unique images
  • Plan your shots prior to diving to maximize the number of great shots
  • Adjust the camera settings and functions
  • Use a strobe or lights to properly light coral and marine life
  • Combine your photos with fish, the sun, or divers to create great compositions


Participants can reserve a spot for this workshop or make room reservations by contacting the Dolphin Bay Divers Bay Divers Retreat in Fiji. 

Your Instructor:  Joe Fischer

Joe Fischer specializes in the art of underwater photography. His favorite place to go diving is in Fiji where he’s been diving since 2009. He believes no place compares to Rainbow Reef in terms of diversity and soft corals in such an easy to access location. The reef is also home of 700 year old Cabbage Coral and a magnificent display of white soft coral along the world famous Great White Wall.  Joe strives to capture this beauty and enjoys teaching others. As a divemaster and photography instructor he is comfortable helping people with cameras and diving related questions. To him, photography on the reef is an obsession, and no matter how many photos he’s taken he is happy to get even more.


TBD – June or July 2018


$350 FJ / $175 US for two days of instruction

PADI Digital Underwater Photography Courses

PADI underwater photography course

In addition to workshops, Joe also teach PADI Digital Photography courses. These courses aren’t just for divers, they’re popular for snorkelers too. You can even start the PADI Level I and II courses at home and then do the lecture and in-water training when you’re ready. The courses cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques for composition and lighting. Practically any kind of digital camera in an underwater housing will do, including Go Pros and smart phone cameras.  This is the easiest way for anyone to get up to speed quickly and learn skills you’ll use for a lifetime.

Underwater Photography Trips

underwater photography trip

One of the funnest ways to learn more about underwater photography is to join me on one of my trips. If you sign up through me you will get free instruction and may receive a discount on your reservation. Each day you will get help with your camera and will take photos with me and other experienced photographers. Plus you’ll meet new friends with a common interest and enjoy a remarkable dive trip too. I strive to pick locations with a specific eye for photography and we always come home with outstanding photos. The dates and places vary, so contact me for information about my next adventure.

Cameras and Housings

A lot of people have questions about underwater cameras. So I wrote a brief article that explains how cameras are used in housings. Click here to view the page and more information.